24 Karat Success

24 karat success - Golden rules for a successful and fulfilled life in the digital age

The book for the digital age to empower people

If you are worried about getting lost in the digital age, this book provides you with a smart, lively, practical toolbox to build on your strengths as a human being. For all too often we do not fully understand what precisely is invested in us, where our limits are and how we can easily increase our influence on ourselves and others. 24 golden rules help to understand and optimize our hardware, to compensate for our programming errors and to use our software wisely in order to positively influence ourselves and others.


Here you can download the chapters as PDF and eBook.

Intro:   PDF and epub

Karat 1: Blame it all on biology!
The myth of free will
PDF and epub

Karat 2: You've been framed!
How easily our brain is influenced
PDF and epub

Karat 3: A glass half full lasts longer
The power of positive thinking
PDF and epub

Karat 4: Legal doping for life
The power of motivation
PDF and epub

Karat 5: No man is an island
What groups are good for
PDF and epub

Karat 6: Minimize the minus
How to deal with negative emotions
PDF and epub

Karat 7: Pledge yourself
Commitment as a tool
PDF and epub

Karat 8: Pick yourself up, dust yourself down,
start all over again
PDF and epub