Leadership in the 21st century – leading with humility and knowledge

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The 21st century imposes new demands on executives - a new understanding of leadership is needed. In particular, our age requires a trainable virtue: HUMILITY

While the term "humility" may be hard to swallow for some, it denotes nothing else, but a powerful form of influencing. Those who lead with humility not only have a positive effect on themselves and their perceived leadership potential, but also measurably influence their own employees as well as their own company.

Effects range from greater performance, heightened creativity and better error management to less stress, reduced turnover as well as better company results.


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There are three additional challenges that need to be mastered in line with the motto: While eye to eye with Artificial Intelligence we need to strengthen us humans!

  • Utilize the knowledge about human hardware: Knowing the limits of the brain are, what can be changed or influenced, what it takes to promote motivation and resilience as a leader in the 21st century
  • Overcome human programming errors: Correcting faulty decision patterns, learning to be present as a leader, and using that presence with humility
  • Employ human software to achieve for oneself and others what is desired: Influencing without manipulation, bringing negotiations to a successful conclusion

These challenges result in key notes, seminar and workshop topics that may also be combined with each other.

Leadership in the age of neuroscience

Understanding the brain and learning to use it more effectively

  • Neuroplasticity and what it means for the demands placed on employees and the self
  • Understand standard processes of the brain; learn to use and avoid them
  • Awaken the sense for the possible with neuroscience at your fingertips

Developing a digital mindset and leadership culture

From hierarchy to humility

  • Meeting the loss of status caused by modern work practices in an effective manner
  • Recognizing the power of a humble leader - discovering the right level of narcissism and humility for yourself
  • Learning to apply the four elements of humility in everyday life

Decide effectively

Break through faulty reaction patterns, use modern decision-making methods

  • Learning what is a good decision and how to recognize it
  • New, faster and more effective decision-making methods for the digital age
  • Use intuition and rationality at the right time, promote the use in others

Healthy presence

Train the brain for the here and now; lead consciously

  • Understand the neuroscience behind presence, focus and mindfulness
  • Learn formal and informal exercises to enable deliberate control of presence
  • Application to everyday management in conversations, conflicts and stress

Influence successfully outside of hierarchy

Learn to understand and apply the rules of influencing

  • Recognize the boundaries of hierarchy and develop a playful mindset for exerting influence
  • Utilize needs for social connection and esteem in order to achieve your goals
  • Understand brain information processing in order to influence via reaction patterns

From a burden to a joy

Learning to master the game of negotiation

  • From the right negotiation preparation to successful implementation
  • Learn to deal with different styles and behavioral patterns of negotiation partners
  • Transform distributive negotiations into integrative ones

My approach

Each company is unique - shaped by its own culture, values, challenges and employees. Therefore, I tailor what I do - to your company and your precise needs. Wherever possible, I talk to some of the participants in advance, be it for seminars or workshops. With the stubbornness of a lawyer, the perfection of a management consultant, the ease of an historian and the experience of a lecturer who has been teaching for decades, I put together exactly what is needed.