24 karat success - Golden rules for a successful and fulfilled life in the digital age

The book for the digital age to empower people

If you are worried about getting lost in the digital age, this book provides you with a smart, lively, practical toolbox to build on your strengths as a human being. For all too often we do not fully understand what precisely is invested in us, where our limits are and how we can easily increase our influence on ourselves and others. 24 golden rules help to understand and optimize our hardware, to compensate for our programming errors and to use our software wisely in order to positively influence ourselves and others.

Why "digital age"? Because we can only help shape the future without fear if we become more aware of ourselves as human beings: What is predetermined for us, what we can change, and how we can successfully influence ourselves and others.

"What a profound and spirited way to empower people for the digital age. Every day is about the right choice of behavioral patterns in work and private life. This book has not only expanded my knowledge, but also my options in terms of behavior toward customers, employees, family and myself."
Frank Harting, Member of the Board of Management of HDI Global SE

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