Sparring partner

Exchange at eye level

What do puzzles and people have in common? No two pieces are alike, just as no two people are alike. My passion is to work on these very puzzles and to recognize people in their situations, contexts and stages of development. With a mixture of comprehension, classification and pointing out possible directions, I provide solutions.  

As a sparring partner I am open and focused and I listen to understand your current situation with all its challenges. With tenacity, I want to know what moves you, what context you find yourself in and what the general conditions are. There are no standard solutions in sparring. Being open for unusual approaches, fearlessly addressing issues and providing constructive feedback at eye level will ultimately bring the desired success.

I do not only look at your situation from one perspective, but also link different areas, be it the perspective of a management consultant, be it as a historian, as a trainer and author or as a researcher.

What battle are you preparing?