What my clients say

 "I have experienced Franziska Franz several times as keynote speaker and workshop leader. Her expertise, energy and empathy paired with her great sense of humor are always enriching. Her impulses inspire reflection and, in every session, I have learned something relevant for my profession , and also for myself personally".

Oliver Simon, HR Director Ernst & Young

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Dr. Frank's interactive keynote about humility in the leadership of the 21st century was one of those very rare moments.

25 managers in a virtual setting experienced a kaleidoscope of empiricism, science, practice and individually effective aspects of this term “humility”, that appears both ancient and scarred. Impressively placing cognitive pinpricks Dr. Frank not only brought the concept to life for the audience but kept the fire going.

We were made unmistakably and irrevocably aware that humility is both an inner attitude as well as an observable behaviour. A very modern perspective in view of neuroscience and the equally brain-researched proverbial common sense.

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to hear Dr. Frank speak on this subject, will understand that - in modern organizations - managers who do not or only reluctantly give up their unreflected top dog existence are to be regarded as discontinued models. Or at least find themselves with an ever-decreasing half-life.

Should we have suspected that this whole topic would come across as morally insipid or stale, we would have been wrong.

With all her linguistic artistry, Dr. Frank managed to package interesting facts, scientific information and our personal moments of truth into a foil of clarity, on which the word HUMOR was printed in red. Despite all our individual and organizational reflection, we also had a lot of fun - intellectually, linguistically, in our curiosity, which grew constantly during the event and did not want to subside afterwards.

Peter Baumgärtel Director Leadership Development Germany, Sitel GmbH

“Passionate lecturing, competent, interactive. This was great."
Manager from a company with 37,000 employees. Score for session 1.38

"I would have defined humility differently, so I was in for surprising insights."
Participant from a company with 15,000 employees, NPS Score of 88