Empowered Humility with Dr. Franziska Frank

Leaders in the 21st century are faced with new challenges - Dr. Franziska Frank helps to master them

Leadership in the 21st century is complex and cannot rely on towards authority and hierarchy. The working environment has shifted fundamentally as a result of digitalisation, globalisation, demographic and cultural upheavals. "Traditional and new business models, modern work life and complex communication patterns demand a maximum of flexibility, mobility and commitment. The pressure on managers is increasing rapidly," explains Dr. Frank, who as a trainer, keynote speaker and author has dedicated herself to the topic of leadership in the 21st century.

As ever, leadership means influencing people, inspiring and motivating. If this is to succeed in the new world, a new understanding of leadership is needed, as Dr. Frank emphasizes: “Excessive egoism gives way to servant leadership. Autocracy turns into community. Uncertainty grows into focusing. Hubris becomes humility.” She explains that for managers in the 21st century, three key challenges must be mastered: "Successful managers should employ their understanding of the human hardware, know where the limits of the brain are and what can be changed or influenced. The second step is to neutralize our human programming errors. This means correcting faulty decision-making patterns, learning to be present as a leader and using this presence with humility. Third, managers should use the human software to achieve that which is desired in themselves and in others."

Every company is unique and characterized by its own culture, values, challenges and employees. Therefore, Franziska tailors what she does to the company and the precise needs. Wherever possible, she talks to participants in advance, be it for seminars or workshops. "With the stubbornness of a lawyer, the perfection of a management consultant, the ease of an historian and the experience of a lecturer who has been teaching for decades, I can put together exactly what is needed," emphasises Franziska in her quest to advise, inspire and act as a sparring partner.