What do leaders need in the 21st century?
How does our company fit into the new age?
How should I lead in the digital age?
Does it still need leaders, once we all work agile?
Managing people no longer works as it used to!
What value does status still have?
Dr. Franziska Frank

Empowered humility

Leaders in the 21st century

Leadership based on authority and hierarchy is no longer adequate in a working environment characterized by digitalization, globalization, demographic and cultural upheavals. Leadership in the 21st century is complex - traditional business models, employment and communication relationships require a high degree of flexibility, mobility and commitment. This in turn means that the pressure on executives is increasing rapidly.

As always, leadership means influencing, inspiring and motivating people. If this is to succeed, if we want to master the great and small challenges of our time jointly, we need a new understanding of leadership. Excessive egoism makes way for a serving attitude. Autocracy turns into community. Ambiguity turns into focus. Out of hubris grows humility.

By inspiring you, I initiate changes and provide input to generate more awareness and expand your competence. As advisor , I take an observing role to understand what it is you that you really need. As a sparring partner at eye level, I assess your situation, give honest feedback and point out possible directions and solutions that will strengthen you in your leadership role.


The Power of Humility in Leadership - Influencing as a Role Model

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Leaders in the 21st century

I strengthen leaders for challenges of the 21st century by means of key notes, seminars and workshops.